Hand arthritis in 90210

Hand Arthritis in 90210

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Treating arthritis of the hand in 90210

Hand arthritis in 90210
Hand arthritis in 90210

Are you having difficulty doing simple tasks due to pain and stiffness in your hands? You may have hand arthritis in 90210 and you need to see the leading hand specialist in Beverly Hills, Dr. Vanessa Gabrovsky Cuéllar. She is an experienced hand and wrist surgeon with specialized training in microsurgery and peripheral nerve surgery. She is dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate orthopedic care to all of her patients. In addition, as an integral component to her orthopedic care, Dr. Cuéllar offers integrative holistic medical approaches to promote whole body health and well-being. At our office, your comfort, health, and personal path to wellness are our number one priorities. Essential to these priorities is our mission to educate our patients as to their diagnosis and treatment options. Our patients expect and receive the finest personalized care each and every time they see us.

An exciting new innovation is helping treat hand arthritis in 90210. Alpha-2-macroglobulin (A2M) is a powerful inhibitor of cartilage catabolic factors and inflammatory proteins. A2M can modulate the progression of osteoarthritis by intervening in cartilage breakdown. Recently developed, A2M is a breakthrough molecular technology that concentrates the alpha-2-macroglobulin (A2M) already present in a patient’s bloodstream to deliver high concentrations in a joint space or area of injury, protecting from the destructive proteins that can cause osteoarthritis and pain due to inflammation. Dr. Cuéllar is part of the founding team of scientists to discover A2M’s powerful effects on pain and cartilage breakdown, and specializes in injections of A2M which may affect the hand/wrist, shoulder, spine, elbow or knee.

Part of Dr. Cuellar’s holistic approach to remedying hand arthritis in 90210 also includes adapting an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. There are 5 main components to Dr. Cuéllar’s anti-inflammatory plan that are explored and personalized to each individual’s health goals. They consist of diet, exercise, stress-reduction, mindfulness, and supplements (anti-inflammatory phyto-nutrients). Each patient receives an individualized program that fits in their lifestyle and addresses their health goals. For more information about treating hand arthritis or any other hand and wrist condition, make an appointment with Dr. Cuellar today.

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