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90210 Holistic Doctor

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Holistic orthopedic hand surgeon in 90210

Dr. Vanessa Gabrovsky Cuéllar is a highly qualified and expert hand doctor and 90210 holistic doctor. She is an orthopedic hand and wrist surgeon with specialized training in microsurgery and peripheral nerve surgery. She is dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate orthopedic care to her patients of all ages and provides exceptional care when treating her patients. In addition, as an integral component to her orthopedic care, Dr. Cuéllar offers integrative holistic medical approaches to promote whole body health and well-being. At our office, your comfort, health, and personal path to wellness are our number one priorities. Our patients expect and receive the finest personalized care each and every time they see us. Whether she is expertly treating a hand condition or offering her holistic approach for general well-being, she espouses the philosophy of Meaningfulness. Meaningfulness encompasses a holistic approach to the fundamental meaning of one’s health and well-being. Meaningfulness involves the strengthening of relationships, deepening interests beyond work and home, connecting to one’s community, and finding broader meaning in wellness beyond the self.

A holistic, integrative approach is intrinsic to Dr. Cuéllar’s practice of medicine. While this service is available to all patients of her orthopedic practice, it is also offered to others that are independently seeking a path to health and wellness. Dr. Cuéllar, your 90210 holistic doctor, combines her traditional, Western medical and surgical training with tools that can empower patients to navigate these resources and enrich their sense of body awareness, wellness, and health. Dr. Cuéllar specializes in helping select patients embrace an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. There are 5 main components to Dr. Cuéllar’s anti-inflammatory plan that are explored and personalized to each individual’s health goals. These 5 pillars are diet, exercise, stress reduction, mindfulness, and supplements.

A dedicated Whole Body Health and Well-Being visit with this top 90210 holistic doctor includes an in-depth analysis of diet, exercise habits, past medical history, family medical history, medications, stress-management tools and extensive blood work to better appreciate target areas that may need more attention. A Whole Body Health and Well-Being Plan restructures dietary habits, may include phytonutrient supplementation, and often integrates various modalities such as acupuncture and meditation. Together with Dr. Cuéllar, you will analyze your overall health and formulate steps to meet your goals. Dr. Cuéllar will include your primary care physician and any other specialists involved in your care to establish a comprehensive and inclusive plan that is personally tailored to your needs. So if you are ready to take charge of your health, give Dr. Cuellar a call today.

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